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Friday, September 27, 2019

2019 Board Nominee: Bob Shelton

Robert (Bob) N. Shelton, FVGEC

Church of the Good Shepherd in Asheboro, North Carolina

My earliest church memories are of Sunday School at Grace Episcopal Church in Asheville, NC. I became a member at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Asheboro, NC some years later. My family went through some difficult emotional stress at that time, and the church was an integral part of surmounting that storm for all of us. Outside the church I have been involved with numerous service organizations and activities to include the Boy Scouts, Civitan, UNC-G’s Advisory Board, EVP of the Self Trust, and others. In Episcopal Church I have served on the Diocesan Council and Standing Committee during Michael Curry’s tenure as the Bishop of NC. I have been a Senior Warden and a Junior Warden on multiple occasions. My first pursuit this ministry was ten years ago when I was a member of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Greensboro, NC. However, as often happens, life got in the way. Nine years later that road opened again when I was asked to consider that ministry again. With God’s help and the support of family and friends, I achieved that goal early this year. It was a banner moment for my faith. In some ways the VGEC may be one of the best kept secrets in the Episcopal Church. Prior to retirement I spent most of my business life trying to manage products. The “Itty Bitty Machine Company” taught me many good lessons about how to do that. I would bring that knowledge and experience to the VGEC so that we might be better understood. Externally I would also hope to be able to elevate the Verger Ministry to a public level of understanding that would benefit the church and the VGEC in particular. I am passionate and relentless in pursuit of those goals. I feel strongly that my service on the Board would allow me the best venue possible to achieve them.

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