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Friday, September 27, 2019

2019 Board Nominee: Ann Davis McClain

Ann Davis McClain, FVGEC

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Paris, Kentucky

I was born and raised in Paris, Kentucky, and was baptized at the age of 3 months at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, being what you call a “cradle Episcopalian”. In 2007, I became a verger and am now the head verger at St. Peter’s. My parish roles have been or are currently Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Clerk, Treasurer, Chair of Search committee for new rector, Altar Guild president, communion bread maker, Daughters of the King treasurer, Stephen Minister Leader, and EfM graduate. My diocesan roles have been or are currently, Treasurer, Executive Council member, Executive Council secretary, Bishop’s special commission, various committees (Budget, Appeals, Personnel, Nominating, Annual convention team). National roles include Deputy to General Convention in last four conventions (Indianapolis, Anaheim, Salt Lake City, Austin), where I also sat on committees for Liturgy, Worship and Music for 2 conventions, as well as Stewardship. In times past, I was part of a team to audit the books for Verger’s Guild. In my community, I am a member of two garden clubs, and have served as state treasurer for the Garden Club of Kentucky, Inc. I sit on the boards of the Bourbon County Extension District Board, Bourbon County Homemaker Council, our local Food Bank board and the Paris-Bourbon County YMCA Fall Benefit board. I am married with two grown daughters and two grandchildren whom I am enamored with, and a much-loved miniature dachshund, Mr. Carson (named after the head butler on Downton Abbey, because he runs my house). I am a retired banker and would bring my love for numbers to the position.

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