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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Vergers Eyes: Our Active Booth and a Short Side Trip

Wednesday June 24th  - Our booth was like this all day long!

By Ken Holloway with Bill Gleason and Barry Norris at the Salt Palace Exhibit Hall

This report from last week's adventure in Salt Lake City gives us a perspective on attending the General Convention. Just read along with Barry and Bill on a short day in the booth followed by an excursion.

On Wednesday, June 24th, Barry Norris wrote, " We were in the exhibit hall by 0700 to get everything ready for the 0800 opening of the booth. It was a short day as we closed the booth at 3 pm. Today was our busiest so far. VGEC members, Margaret McLarty (Deputy-Mississippi), Danny Meadows (Alternate-Mississippi), and Sid Glyn (Alternate-Central Florida) were in meetings most of the day, so Bill, Scott, and I staffed the booth.

"We handed out a lot of informational material and cups, and had the pleasure of speaking with too many people for me to remember all the names or faces. In one case, I started into my usual speech with a lady when she stopped me. She told me that I had told her all that yesterday. Must be my advanced years...

"The day passed relatively fast for me. When I wasn’t explaining about vergers or the magic cups, I took the opportunity to visit some of the other booths. Emergency Relief and Development (ERD) had wonderful dark chocolate, a real favorite.

"After we closed, Bill and I drove out to the Timpanogos Cave National Monument, it was an easy drive to the area.  Since the usual tour involved a 3-hour walk, we decided to watch the movie instead. It was very interesting!

The aspen groves along a switchback on the drive to the Sundance Ski Area as photographed by Bill Gleason

"Later, driving over the mountain, the view was breath-taking. I wanted to stop every ten feet to take another picture. Between the two of us, we took several dozen pictures that you can see on the VGEC Flickr page. As we started down the other side of the mountain, Bill got a picture of me trying to look down the hill, white knuckles and all. I think I may have left a few small indents on his car from holding on too hard.

"Side note - Bill and Scott have been very patient trying to teach me how to move into the 21st century with respect to technology. I now know how to put a picture into Flickr and how to edit it and add a title." (Editor's note: you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!)

Bill Gleason wrote, "Today, business on the convention floor was the orientation session for Bishops and Deputies and presentation of the Presiding Bishop nominees. The four nominees (to be elected on Saturday afternoon) presented their platform addresses.

"At the VGEC exhibit booth, we know that everyone who visits us wants a magic verger cup. Many folks tell us they have the last two general convention verger cups (from 2012 and 2009) and they are here to collect another. Our magical (changing plain water into colored-water) cups continue to the "hit" of the exhibit hall!

"Barry and I found the Timpanogos Cave National Monument, about 25 miles south and east of Salt Lake City to be a fascinating series of caves high up on Mt. Timpanogos, in an area abundant in aspen groves, and bounded by steep cliffs. We enjoyed the National Park Service film about the guided ranger tour through the caves and tunnels, and, not wanting to make the 3-hour walk in 100 degree weather (for which we were not provisioned), we let that be our cave trip. We then drove over Mt. Timpanogos ending up at the Sundance Ski Lift in the Uinta National Forest. Besides trying to keep Barry from wrecking my car and frightening me to death with his screams of terror, it was a beautiful ride and lots of fun for me.

"Tomorrow, the convention will open officially. The Presiding Bishop candidates will be formally nominated. Your VGEC booth will be open and welcoming visitors with a good supply of color-changing beverage cups and information on all things verger."

Editor's Note: While Barry and Bill were out gallivanting around the Utah countryside, Scott was dutifully sitting in the VGEC booth eating jelly beans to control his blood sugar...

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Abstract: On June 24, 2015. We had a good number of visitors at the VGEC booth at the 78th General Convention. The exhibit hall closed at three, so Bill and Barry drove into the nearby mountains for a look at a famous National Park.

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