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Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Milestones As Viewed in The Verger's Voice

By Ken Holloway, News Manager, VGEC

The Verger's Voice published 51 articles in 2014. We tried to cover as many facets of the verger ministry as possible. Hoping to include something for every member's interest, we featured several contributing authors, including:
We featured international stories, including:
We told the story of how the Guild positioned itself for the future by updating its Facebook presence, auditing, augmenting and updating virtually all details in our membership database, changing the look and business processes for the Guild Shop, opening a new VGEC chapter in Connecticut, and completely re-writing the Training Course content while updating and streamlining its operational structure.

Five articles celebrated the fantastic 26th Annual VGEC Conference in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

In a recent article, we explored how to access and use the recently completed, very capable on-line VGEC Membership Directory.

We saluted Bill Gleason's 25+ years of VGEC leadership with a story detailing the stellar history and sky-high future of the VGEC Guild shop.

Along the way in our news line-up, we saluted new vergers, we celebrated junior vergers and we were introspective about our servant ministry.

We pray that there indeed is something to spur your interest and pride in the VGEC in our Verger's Voice posts, past and future. What are your interests? What haven't we covered that should be written? What new authors will surface during 2015 to bring fresh outlooks to new subjects representing the members and ministries of the VGEC?

Abstract:  The Verger's Voice had its most productive year so far in 2014. We try to publish information that you can use every day in your ministry. Here's praying that today's post will prompt pleasant memories of subjects we wrote about last year and interest you in subjects that you have yet to read.


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