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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Take Action on the Long Pole in the Tent - Conference Host Hotel reservations need to be made by end of June

St. Luke's Parish, Burlington, Ontario - Site of the 2014 VGEC Annual Conference

by Ken Holloway, Verger at St. Richard's Episcopal Church, Round Rock, TX [email protected]

Believe me, it's really hard for a systems engineer to go through a week without consulting his checklist. Same goes for pilots, surgeons, teachers, house painters, and (smart) vergers. So what will be high on my checklist this week?

Preferably at the conference hotel, since there are no shuttles available at any of the Burlington hotels to get you to St. Luke's and back. BTW... the Waterfront Hotel Downtown is in close walking proximity to the church. Call them at 905.681.5400 or 1.877.681.0767, NOW.

Sure, transportation is important.
Passport and border negotiation is important.
Registration is important.

But you'll really want to have your room reservation nailed down in the next several weeks or the Waterfront Hotel Downtown will return your un-reserved room to their regular block of rooms available for everyone else.

When does that happen, you say? AT THE END OF JUNE. Right, so the deadline is more than a month away. How much effort does it take to assure that you'll be staying in the best location in Burlington? Get up, go to the phone and dial 905.681.5400 and you're in!

þ Getting to Burlington from the airport(s). NOT TRIVIAL!!!
Quoting my first post on the conference, "As the Survival Guide points out, you can drive or travel by limo or bus. I am told that the Bus/Limo fare from Toronto runs between $60 and $80 Cdn. one way. The best way to get this information is to visit the website of the airport that you will be flying into. From there find their link for ground transportation. That will give you all the information you will need. It will also give you websites where you can pre-book your transportation needs."

Once again, do pay attention to the Survival Guide comments about the Waterfront Hotel reservation policy. You can book now and be assured a very nice room with free parking and a hot/cold breakfast buffet for two in the conference hotel.

Summary for smart vergers: If you have any excitation or inclination to experience exhilaration without perspiration over your arrangements to glide through conference week assured of comfort, proximity and conviviality, call the The Waterfront Hotel Downtown Burlington for your reserved room (within walking distance of the St. Luke's conference venue) at 905.681.5400 or (877) 681-0767. Do it now! Yes, right now.

Your points of contact for information are:

Terry Hughes, Host Committee Chair
[email protected] (905) 632-9535

Barry Norris, Registration Coordinator
[email protected] (215) 541-4003

Abstract: If you have any excitation or inclination to experience exhilaration without perspiration for a really great VGEC Annual Conference week, assured of comfort, proximity and conviviality, call the Waterfront Hotel Downtown Burlington Conference HOST HOTEL at 905.681.5400 or 1.877.681.0767 immediately. Find out why you should call now in this issue of the Verger's Voice, eh!

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  1. Booked my room...being pampered and spoiled with a king-size bed! Conference is getting closer!


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