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Sunday, May 19, 2019

VergerTV: Why Camp Allen?

This video was produced by VergerTV on Saturday, May 18, 2019 at the offices of Trinity Church Wall Street in New York. Click the image above to play the video or click HERE.

This is a transcript of the video:

Hello and welcome to VergerTV!

I’m Scott Smith, Head Sacristan at Trinity Church in New York and I’m also President of the Vergers Guild of the Episcopal Church.

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So today I wanted to talk a little bit about our Annual Conference this fall.

This year the Vergers Guild will be gathering at Camp Allen, an Episcopal Retreat and Conference Center located in the Piney Woods in Texas.

I’ve had a few emails asking me why we chose Camp Allen this year.

Well, this is the 31st year of our Annual Conferences and EACH one has been really successful and unique.

I’ve personally been going to the conferences for 10 years and I’ve enjoyed each one A LOT.

They’re a great way to learn about being a verger.

And also good time to spend with other people who work in these pretty unique jobs that we do.

But we’ve heard for quite a while that conferences have been pretty expensive, and the high cost has historically prevented some people from attending.

Not just PRETTY expensive, but REALLY REALLY expensive.

The Vergers Guild board has been working really hard over the past year to come up with a solution.

This year we’ve chosen Camp Allen because we can all meet there for a LOT less money and we can spend time together in a more laid back, peaceful,  and beautiful place.

Camp Allen is located in an absolutely beautiful part of Texas, about 80 miles from Houston and 120 miles from Austin.

I’ve been in that area a LOT believe it or not, and it really is amazing.

I’ve even caught a bunch of fish in the area - so much so they were basically jumping in the boat! That’s really true!

Camp Allen is also one of the best Episcopal Conference Centers in the country.

And the cost of Camp Allen is DRAMATICALLY less expensive

For one person sharing a double room, it’s $400 for the room, all meals, conference registration, AND shuttles to and from both Houston airports.

That is big-time less expensive than in past years!

A few of you have asked me if we’ll be only going to a retreat or conference center in the future.

Well, in 2020, we’ll be meeting in another metropolitan location just like we always have in the past.

We’ll announce that location at Camp Allen - so come find out where it will be!

Then in 2021 we’ll meet at another conference center, and in 2022 back to another church in a city.

So we’ll be going back and forth for a few years to see what we all really like.

So if you’ve ever thought about coming to a conference, and you’ve not been able to afford it, this might be your year to try one out!

And the host committee has lined up a great list of seminars and activities for us…

This is going to be a much more laid-back conference, and we’re looking forward to the keynote address by Bishop Andy Doyle of the host Diocese of Texas.

His topic is, “How do I maintain a spiritual life when I work for the church?”

Now not all vergers work full-time for the church, but it sure does feels like it sometimes…

There’s also a chance to meet and talk with Kelly Puckett who created lectionarypage.net.

That’s the site that almost every Episcopal Church uses for their Sunday readings.

We’ll also learn about “hospitality Disney style” and “digital literacy for ministry,” we’ll have a Texas BBQ, an ice-cream social, and a whole lot more.

We’ll also have a lot of time for relaxation, fellowship and worship.

So check out vergers.org, and I really hope you’ll be with us for this conference!

It’s super easy to start the registration process online at vergers.org also.

We have 15 scholarships of 100 dollars each for the conference, so check out vergers.org to apply.

Today’s video has been brought to you by the Vergers Guild Shop where you can pick up a got vergers shirt just like this and a whole lot more at shop.vergers.org.

That’s it for today from VergerTV.

Take care, and remember:

Keep Calm and Verge On!

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