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Friday, September 4, 2015

John Campbell Reporting from Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln, UK

Magna Carta 800th anniversary celebration dinner held in the Lincoln Cathedral nave this summer.
800 guests joined 30 cathedral hosts.

By John Campbell, Overseas Liaison Officer, Church of England Guild of Vergers and Dean's Verger at Lincoln Cathedral

August is over and it seems that the church has rested, liturgically at least, although for us in Lincoln the tourist and culture season has continued with a run of fourteen performances of "Jesus Christ Superstar," a series of lectures celebrating the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, and a concert by the National Youth Choir and even touching the hem of "Steam-Punk." We have had a rich and balanced diet for the happy band of pilgrims who have passed our way.

But when we reflect on the liturgy of August we find we also have a rich and balanced diet reflecting on the company of heaven who have been received out of the flesh. Commemorations have included: three priests, a deacon, a king, a mother, two monks, a nun, a friar, three bishops, an apostle, two female social reformers, the founders of the Salvation Army, John the Baptist and the Mother of Jesus.

Biblical figures, notable converts, 19th and 20th century reformers, missionaries, and a 20th century martyr: 800 years of clerical notables are brought together to form a canopy under which we can reflect and ponder the discipleship of these individuals. I wonder, when the annuls of the twenty first century are completed, what the inheritance of present day disciples will be adding to that canopy which covers and brings us together in time and space. [With apologies to GJK]

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John G. Campbell, FBGU, FCEGV
Overseas Liaison Officer CEGV
Dean’s Verger Lincoln Cathedral

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