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Friday, August 1, 2014

VGEC Update Edition

VGEC Technology - Scott Smith

Did Tesla / Marconi / Edison invent GoToMeeting?

The VGEC Board Meeting on July 24th was held via Citrix's "GoToMeeting" video conferencing service. This real-time collaboration tool allows the board to conduct its summer business meeting online, not just so we can wear shorts and tee shirts, but to assure that the meetings are convenient to the participants schedules where ever we are at the the time of the meeting. We're using this technology to facilitate the almost-face-to-face contact you'd expect to have when sitting around a conference table. Ken Holloway from the Vergers Voice Blog sits in on each board meeting in order to make sure that our communication stays in step with the progress of the committees and activities of the VGEC. 

VGEC Now on MailChimp for E-mail Blasts - Michael Sanchez

We are done with the process of switching services for our E-Mail blasts! We have moved from emma to MailChimp. We reviewed the pros and cons, and decided that MailChimp was a natural choice for us. Duke liked that it will be less expensive, and Scott and I liked all the bells and whistles that we'll be able to use. Imagine that. :-)

26th VGEC Conference in Burlington, Ontario, Sept. 25-28 - Terrance Hughes

We are truly blessed and excited with the number of registrants! As of 07/31/14 we have 126 registrations for the conference. At midnight PDT on August 1st the registration fee goes up from $200 to $250 (editor's note: if you register today, Friday, August 1, 2014, the site will say $250, but the Guild Shop manager is feeling generous and will adjust your charge back down to $200 - just for today! Take advantage of this now!)You can still Register through the VGEC Guild Shop. Cancellations made on or before August 31, 2014 will be fully refunded. After August 31, 2014 there will be a $50 cancellation fee. After September 15, 2014 there will be no refunds as all conference costs are set at that time. 

I checked with the The Waterfront Hotel-Downtown Burlington yesterday and found that they are sold out. Ten alternative rooms are available at the Best Western Plus Burlington Inn and Suites. Check vergers.org for more detailed information if you still need housing.

In case your passport needs renewing or you need a new one, normal processing time is 4-6 weeks so hurry as it's only about 7 weeks until the conference!

"Gems of Lincoln Cathedral" on Facebook - John Campbell
Here come the big notes!

Watch often for John Campbell's "Gems of Lincoln Cathedral" Facebook posts here. John is the Dean's Verger at Lincoln Cathedral and the liaison officer to the VGEC for the Church of England Guild of Vergers.

Take a look at the bass pipes of the Lincoln Cathedral Father Willis Organ. Completed in 1898, it proved to be the last cathedral organ finished by ‘Father’ Willis himself, and one of his finest instruments. It was updated in 1960, when Harrison and Harrison Ltd carried out a complete rebuild at a cost of £14000. Six new registers were added, but the Willis pipework was left unaltered. A further restoration was undertaken by the same firm in 1998, and the organ was rededicated on 20 November that year,  just over a century after it was first played in public.

The Guild Shop at Burlington - Barry Norris

The 2014 Vergers’ Conference in Burlington, Ontario, is almost here. If you are planning on going to Burlington, save some money and sign up soon! Remember, spouses and partners are always welcome; once they attend, you won’t be able to come by yourself again.

Because we are having the conference in Canada, I will not be able to bring up a supply of everything to sell at the conference – the tariff fee to bring merchandise across the border is high. What I will be bringing are samples of many of the items, and several copies of a printed catalog of everything available in the Guild Shop. You will be able to see and feel everything, and ask questions. There will be two computers available for you to place your orders at our display area within the Conference.

If you want to start shopping before the conference, go to shop.vergers.org.

2014 VGEC Chaplain's Canterbury Pilgrimage a huge success - the Rev. Matthew Corkern

Twenty Five Pilgrims worshiped together on Sunday July 6, 2014 at Canterbury Cathedral as part of the VGEC and FOCCUS pilgrimage under the leadership of VGEC Chaplain, the Rev. Matthew Corkern
The summertime pilgrimage, a combined gathering of members of the Vergers' Guild of the Episcopal Church and the Friends of Canterbury Cathedral in the United States, was truly a once in a lifetime experience for all of us! Entitled "Experiences at the Heart of Anglicanism," our journey began on June 29 at the College of St. George at Windsor Castle. Next we spent several days exploring the ministry of the verger at Lincoln Cathedral with our good friend, the Dean's Verger, John Campbell. Next we were off to St. Albans Cathedral, Rochester Cathedral, moving along the Pilgrim's Way into Canterbury for four days of training and experiences with Cathedral Vergers and many new friends. Stay tuned here in the Verger's Voice for a full report of the experience from many of those who were on the journey together.

Register for the 2014 Annual Conference being held September 25th through 28th in Burlington, Ontario by clicking on the big red button below. You'll have a great time and bring home a ton of memories that cannot be had any other way. Registration fees increase at midnight PDT on Friday, August 1st so register now! (editor's note: if you register today, Friday, August 1, 2014, the site will say $250, but the Guild Shop manager is feeling generous and will adjust your charge back down to $200 - just for today! Take advantage of this now!)
Register online today and check vergers.org for contact information on the alternative hotel: the Best Western Plus Burlington Inn and Suites. They have 10 rooms available so contact them very soon and use the promotional code "verg" conference.

Abstract: VGEC Technology, 2014 Conference Update, "Gems of Lincoln Cathedral", The Guild Shop at Burlington and a preview of the 2014 Canterbury Pilgrimage trip. "Read all about it..."

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