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Friday, June 13, 2014

VGEC Board Nominations 2014

Board Member election at  VGEC General Membership Meeting during 25th Annual Conference in Nashville

At this year's Annual Meeting on Saturday, September 27th at 8:30am EDT in Burlington, Ontario during the VGEC Annual Conference, we will be electing 3 members to serve on the VGEC board. Your nominations committee is now seeking nominations for these positions from the guild membership.

Last year, at our Nashville conference, the membership approved a change to the bylaws to closely align the structure of the guild's board to that of a parish vestry. This provides for all members of the board to be elected at-large and for the board to subsequently decide individual responsibilities and positions.

Each board member serves on one or more of the guild committees as chair or as a liaison to the board. When elected, a board member serves for 3 years and may be elected to serve not more than 2 consecutive terms.

General board qualifications and responsibilities

  1. Must be a member of the VGEC in good standing (a current membership).
  2. Computer skills: Email, Google Apps (gmail, Google Drive and Docs, etc.) or an interest in learning the latest technology.
  3. Virtual attendance at monthly/semi monthly online board meetings (using join.me and gotomeeting.com).
  4. Attendance at Annual Conferences.
  5. Attendance at mid-year board meeting, either online or in person.
  6. There is no monetary compensation for board activity participation. Expenses for conference, board meetings, etc, are the responsibility of each board member.


  1. Nominations are due to the nominations committee ([email protected]) no later than the 1st day of August 2014.
  2. All nominations must be seconded by another member of the VGEC.
  3. The nominee must consent to the nomination.
  4. You may nominate yourself but a second is required.
  5. Nominations must contain a publishable 2-3 paragraph biographical sketch.
  6. Nominees are expected to make a not-longer-than 2 minute presentation about themselves at the Annual Meeting either in person or online (not a video production).
  7. A nomination for the Board from the floor may be made by submitting the candidate’s name to the chair of the nominations committee no later than thirty minutes before the start of the meeting.
The nominations committee will review all nominations and present a slate of not more than 6 individuals to fill the 3 positions on the board. The VGEC membership will be notified at least 30 days prior to the start of the Annual Meeting.

Submit your nomination(s) to the committee at: [email protected] by the August 1st. deadline.

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Abstract: The VGEC Nominating Committee asks for your nominations for three VGEC board positions to be filled during the Annual Conference General Membership Meeting in September. Read about the nomination process we'll follow to meet our August 1st nomination deadline.

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