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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

VGEC Banner Installed at Conference Site

The Rev. Canon Stuart Pike welcomes the
VGEC Banner, symbolic of  the 2014 Annual
 Conference to be hosted by the Parish
Church of St. Luke in Burlington, Ontario

On Sunday morning January 26, 2014, the banner of the Verger’s Guild of the Episcopal Church (VGEC) was moved in procession into the Parish Church of St. Luke in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, where it will remain on display through the 26th VGEC Annual Conference, beginning on September 25th.

After a short prayer, Terry Hughes, St. Luke's verger and chair of the conference, officially announced to the congregation that the rector, Canon Stuart Pike, and the vergers of Saint Luke’s will host the 2014 VGEC Conference from September 25th through the 28th. Terry said, "This is only the second time in its 26-year history that the Vergers Guild Conference is to be held outside of the United States. We are very proud and honored to have been chosen as hosts.”

He explained that the Conference opening ceremony will be part of an Evensong service on Thursday September 25th at 6:00 pm, during which the 180th anniversary of the founding of St. Luke’s will also be celebrated. This liturgy will feature an order of worship similar to one that would have been used in 1834, complemented with music of the period.

Terry added, "A Solemn Eucharist Celebration will be held on Sunday morning September 28th, at Christ’s Church Cathedral in Hamilton. The Rt. Rev. Michael Bird, Bishop of the Diocese of Niagara, will preside at the service assisted by St. Luke’s clergy, in addition to clergy from Great Britain and the United States. Music from three historic hymnal editions will be sung by the combined choirs of the Cathedral and St. Luke’s." 

More historically important elements in the planned conference activities, outings and meetings will be explored in more detail as we approach the end of September. We hope to see you there!

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