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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wait, There’s More – Try out our try.vergers.org offer

One of the big challenges in ministry is simply to "make it known." Our communications are designed to reach as wide an audience as we can. The VGEC is endorsing a "try before you buy" approach to prospective members world-wide.

One idea we've had is to offer a “Introductory Membership” for six months. This membership category gives full access to all VGEC resources to anyone who is interested in our ministry.

Whether this blog entry has reached you as an interested party or as a current member of the guild, it’s an opportunity to spread the word about the value of guild membership.

If you want to see what the guild does, check out vergers.org and facebook.com/vergerguild and youtube.com/vergertv to see what the VGEC has to offer. Oh, and don't forget this blog, the "Verger's Voice" at news.vergers.org! Then go to try.vergers.org to sign up for a 6-month free VGEC trial membership.

Once the 6-month period is up, we hope that each new member will chose to join us as a fully paid member. Paying our modest dues per year allows each of us to help the VGEC support vergers world-wide with education, communication, and fellowship opportunities.

And remember that all membership fees are now the same price all around the world. To learn more about membership in the Vergers' Guild, go to vergers.org/join/member.

Please join us!

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