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Thursday, September 19, 2013

UK & USA Vergers United in Mission and Tradition, Present and Future

John Campbell and Margaret McLarty
during meetings in London in July, 2013
Continuing a 25 year history of mutual interest in supporting liturgical excellence, Margaret McLarty, President of the Vergers’ Guild of the Episcopal Church and John Campbell, Overseas Liaison of the Church of England Guild of Vergers met on the morning of Friday, July 19, 2013 in London to review the association of our two Guilds and identify ways to improve the relationship of our respective memberships.

Lord Cormack, a neighbor of John Campbell’s in the Cathedral Close at Lincoln arranged for a tour of the houses of Parliament, including an opportunity to sit in during a session of debate in the Chamber of the House of Lords. Before lunch, Margaret also greatly enjoyed a tour of the grounds of The Church House, the corporate office of the Anglican Church in England. 

The meeting continued over lunch at a nearby museum restaurant. The following principles were discussed and will be proposed to the respective governing boards for adoption during the fall of 2013:

1. By action of our two boards, each of our organizations is “in association with” the other Guild. The VGEC has that statement in the bylaws while the CEGV has approved that by action of their board.

2. The two organizations, as a means of hospitality, will welcome any other active member of their home guild as an attendee at any function, conference, or training course. If possible this should be at the member rate or registration fee.

3. As a means of reciprocal communications and with the advent of technology, VGEC members wanting to have access to The Virger the publication of the CEGV, an Internet passcode will be made available to them by John Campbell, the Overseas Liaison.

4. The CEGV members currently have and will continue to have access to the vergers.org website.

5. Knowing that traveling to a specific location, and finding vergers in churches is important to our shared ministry and to the opportunity to offer hospitality, access to query membership by specific location can be obtained by contacting the Overseas Liaison officer of the CEGV or by emailing [email protected] for the VGEC.

6. Anyone interested in the ministry of verger wanting to apply individually for full membership in either Guild is welcome to do so.

We look forward to adoption of the proposed measures and an increasing frequency of opportunity for liaison, information exchange, and mutual support. 

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