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Saturday, June 9, 2012

New 2012 Edition of the VGEC Training Course is Released

The Vergers’ Guild of the Episcopal Church has released the 2012 edition of “A Course of Training for the Verger.” This is the first major revision of the course since the original edition was published in 1996. Among the changes is a new section entitled, “Getting to know the VGEC” that takes course participants on a tour of the resources and programs available to members of the Vergers‘ Guild. Another new section, “Outline for Course Completion and Submission” was added to help course participants through the process of completing their course materials for review at the end of their course.

The 2012 edition took many months to complete and began in early 2011 with a comprehensive course review with recommended updates by VGEC Training Mentor, Walt Kindergan. The VGEC Board approved those recommendations at their meeting in October, 2011 and began the process of updating the course. The changes went through multiple revisions and review by members of the Board, clergy, and academics.

According to Margaret McLarty, President of the VGEC, “The Vergers’ Guild Training Course is helping us fulfill our mission to effectively train and educate those who take part in the ministry of verger. We have long wanted to update the course to keep it current with the state of the ministry and our membership. I am pleased that we have been able to release this new version with additional content, improved writing and layout, and clearer instructions for putting the course submissions together for course completion.”

The basic course outline and content remains consistent with the original version. Additional improvements include an updated style consistent with current VGEC publications, a tribute to Mark Emery Graham, the original course author, improved table of contents, an outline for course completion and submission, and an updated suggested reading list including detailed publishing information.

VGEC Training Course Registrar Kate Pendzuk added, “Although the course remains very much consistent with the original content, this new edition represents significant work from a number of people which has resulted in a course that is easier to use and understand than before. We have over 350 courses in use and we do not recommend that everyone upgrade to the new course unless they want to.”

Because the course content remains the same as the prior version, those who are currently working on their course are asked to continue with that version. Course participants who wish to receive a new electronic version of the course are asked to contact Kate at [email protected] or 914.523.8464 for details.

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