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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

got vergers?

The Vergers' Guild of the Episcopal Church has launched a new campaign called "got vergers?" for 2012.

"got vergers?" is a simple question that might help to explain the phenomenal growth that the Vergers' Guild has experienced in its twenty-four year history. Last year, the organization passed the one thousand member mark.

"We continue to see enthusiasm and support from parishes and clergy across the country who have discovered how vergers help organize and facilitate worship activities in the Episcopal Church," said Margaret McLarty, President of the Guild. "The answer to this question increasingly is YES! When otherwise, we try to communicate more about our exciting and vibrant ministry and how we might be of service."

"got vergers?" will also be the resounding theme of the Verger's Guild presence at General Convention in July 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Join us at booth #713 in the Convention Center Exhibit Hall.

The Vergers' Guild Shop has also launched a new "got vergers?" department with bumper stickers and shirts to help spread the word about the ministry of the verger.

See vergers.org and facebook.com/vergerguild for more information on the campaign.

New Chimere and Virge Available at the Vergers’ Guild Shop

The Vergers’ Guild of the Episcopal Church has introduced two new items in the "Processional Gear" department: The Verger’s Chimere and The Basic Virge. The goal of both was to offer products of high quality at an affordable price that would assist beginning vergers to acquire items when starting their ministry.

The VGEC partnered with CM Almy to design the new chimere. Based on the classic chimere design that has been in use for centuries, the new chimere has been updated with lightweight, wrinkle-proof fabric and cotton velvet trim. The chimere is available in black or grey with black trim for $125 while a VGEC seal may be purchased for an additional $25 which will be sewn on the chimere prior to shipment.

According to Bill Gleason, Manager of the Vergers' Guild Shop, "We have been working on this for a long time and we are really pleased to offer the new chimere to our membership and especially to vergers who are new to our unique ministry. Each chimere is made-to-order in a wide range of sizes for men and women." Initial orders for the chimere require up to eight weeks for delivery. As Almy ramps up production, shipment times will improve.

Stephen Fendler, President of CM Almy, added, "We have been very pleased to work with VGEC to create this chimere and the process has gone very well. We are delighted to be partnering with the Guild in providing this new service to the Church."

The VGEC has also worked to develop and produce a complementary product called, "The Basic Virge." This new simple and durable virge is custom-made from dark mahogany wood and comes with a Canterbury-cross finial and engraved brass end cap. The Basic Virge also sells for $125 and is available for immediate delivery from the Guild Shop.

"The mission of the Vergers' Guild of the Episcopal Church is to support vergers and spread our ministry of service and welcome throughout the church. We are called to equip new the verger with the tools and resources that they need to become effective servants in their parish. The new chimere and virge are two great examples of how we are living into this mission," said Margaret McLarty, verger at St. Andrews Cathedral in Jackson, Mississippi and President of the VGEC.

Both items are available for order today at the Vergers’ Guild Shop online store at vergers.org/shop.